Written & to be Directed by Mike Kochansky

Excerpts from Blacklist reviews:
—"The creaking doors, the shadowy figures, the glib characters, etc. LET THERE BE NIGHT is the rare screenplay that is ALL horror DNA, with every scene seemingly scooped up from the cutting room floor of a horror classic and somehow made into a whole new experience.”

—"This script sets out to emulate the look and feel of golden-age slashers, and does an admirable job of it. Positively oozing a John Carpenter-esque atmosphere of dread, complete with tracking shots of an out-of-place passenger van on fancy suburban streets, this is a script that ticks all the boxes of a genre that seems to have lost its way in recent decades.”

—"Overall, an expertly-crafted script.”

GENRE: Horror / Thriller
LOGLINE: In Autumn of 1986, a group of teenagers fall victim to the mysterious kidnappings and robberies plaguing their suburban town. While fighting for their survival, they slowly discover a supernatural cause for the chaos.
SYNOPSIS: LET THERE BE NIGHT follows nineteen-year-old Autumn Worley and her friends as they are catapulted into an unforgettable weekend of terror. One Friday evening, Autumn reluctantly agrees to go on an alcohol fueled double-date in the local graveyard, setup by her good friend Margaux Fantano. Blind to the merciless string of kidnappings and home robberies taking their tiny California town by storm, the teenagers set out for some innocent fun. Autumn's night quickly takes a turn for the worse when her date makes an unwelcome sexual advance, which gets her in a rush to leave. Margaux and her new fling, Connor Bailey, are too preoccupied with their hormones to drive Autumn home, so she walks back from the graveyard alone. Unbeknownst to her drunken friends, Autumn never makes it home.

The following evening, while Margaux is babysitting for a family new to the area, Connor sneaks over for a quick visit. Suddenly, the residence is invaded by two ruthless robbers who capture and torment the teenagers. With Autumn still missing and her friends now face-to-face with the men responsible for the town's turmoil, the teens must fight for their lives and attempt to take down the intruders. During the invasion, a supernatural secret is revealed that will end some lives and change others forever.